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The Forge Newsletter
Board Members
President   David Weinstein
Vice President   Chris Treadway
Treasurer   Pat Shaw
Secretary   Dianne Brenner
Member at Large   Joanne Rubio
Member at Large   Chris Horn
Member at Large   Tom Panas
Member at Large   John Falconer

Dave Weinstein, president, is a longtime journalist, having reported and edited for the West County Times and Contra Costa Times, and contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle, and contributed to many other newspapers, magazines and websites. He is features editor of the magazine CA Modern. Dave has written several books on architecture and local history. He began the effort to preserve the Cerrito Theater and is chair of  Friends of the Cerrito Theater and president of El Cerrito Trail Trekkers.

Dave is from Long Island, New York and has lived in California since 1975 and in El Cerrito since 1981.
He has been on the board since 2011, had been vice president, and became president on the resignation of Rich Bartke.
Chris Treadway, vice president, is an Oakland native, a graduate of San Francisco State University, and a 33-year community journalist in the East Bay, including three stints as editor of the El Cerrito Journal. He is a lifelong student of Bay Area history and his interest in El Cerrito's past began when he moved here in 1984. .
Pat Shaw, treasurer, is a retired chemist, raised in Richmond (Stege district), educated at UC Berkeley.  “I've lived in El Cerrito for 46 years and enjoyed learning about our community,” Pat says. She has been on the board since 2014 and serves as treasurer.
Dianne Brenner, secretary, has lived in El Cerrito for 25 years, having moved to California from the East Coast. Her first involvement with community projects in El Cerrito was serving as co-chair of Friends of the Cerrito Theater after Dave Weinstein started that project. She has an abiding interest in architecture, historic preservation and design in general. .
Joanne Rubio, member at large, taught in El Cerrito for 23 years at Windrush School, site of the former Chung Mei Home. She was inspired by working at this historical campus to find out more about El Cerrito's History.

Joanne has written historical articles for the Forge, written/drawn a children's coloring book of El Cerrito and organized/worked on many programs/events.

One of her interests is in researching families of early El Cerrito and helping current families research their own family history. She corresponds and meets with descendants of El Cerrito's early citizens making positive contacts, gathering information and photos. Joanne's particular research interests and books she is working on are: Edith Stege, 1863-1942: Pioneer-Quilfelt/Stege Family, Rancher, Frog Farmer, Realtor and Women of the Castro Adobe: Luisa Martinez Castro, Felicidad Carrillo Castro, Julia Townsend Beardsley Lupton Castro.  
Chris Horn, member at large, has been residing in El Cerrito since 1995 and has only recently become involved with the Historical Society.

Chris loves history and has a strong interest toward the preservation and presentation of local historic sites, people and events.

Becoming a Civil War re-enactor in 1992, he has been a cannoneer with a Horse Artillery unit, California Historical Artillery Society, depicting the 3rd US Artillery. The 3rd were regular army artillerist stationed in San Francisco at the outbreak of the Civil War. They were transferred and engaged in Eastern Theater battles during the war.  Chris has participated in numerous Living History events and presented to the public all there is to know regarding Civil War era artillery.
Tom Panas, member at large, is a retired CPA, was raised in the Bay Area, attended UC Berkeley, and has lived in El Cerrito since 1975. “I am a Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Society and have served 14 years on the Board,” Tom says.
John Falconer, member at large, is a retired technology manager who first moved to El Ceritto in 1948. He attended local schools (Kensington, Madera, Portola, ECHS, Cal, and Stanford) and has a continuing interest in local and regional history.

The Historical Society meets monthly and publishes its newsletter, The Forge, several times a year. The Historical Society also has an ongoing effort to collect oral history from as many old-timers as possible. Please contact the Historical Society if you or someone you know can contribute oral history, photographs, or memorabilia to the Society’s collection.