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Two of the parks in El Cerrito were constructed by the W.P.A., (Works Progress Administration). One is Huber Park at Sea View Drive and Terrace Drive, and the other Poinsett Park, built between Poinsett and Rosalind Avenue in the Mira Vista section of town. The W.P.A. also constructed a swimming pool at the Camp Herms site where the old Bates and Borland quarry was located (a few hundred feet from the today Arlington Park). A number of streets, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks were constructed under the W.P.A. and it played a large part in the development of the city.

Near the corner of San Pablo and Cutting Boulevard was the Whoopy Humps. This was an oval shaped track made out of heavy planking which was laid as a road base. This track had sharp dips in it. To drive over this course one would have to pay a fee at the toll gate to enter the track. As one went over the hump, it felt as if you had lost your stomach. Some of the drivers went so fast that the wheels would leave the planks, and when the wheels touched the planks again, one could see the hoods fly up and off the cars, especially the old Model T Fords

The people sitting in the rear seat of the touring car really got a thrill when the cars went over the hump as one could see daylight between the seat and the passenger. Once in a while one of the old clunks would stop and be hit by another car coming up at the rear.

Copyright Mervin Belfils, October 1975
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