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EL CERRITO NOTABLES The El Cerrito Historical Society believes that a remarkable number of noteworthy people have come from El Cerrito or have lived here at some time in their lives. A few were world famous, others were well-known in the area or were particularly noteworthy in their own field. Click Here to visit our extensive list.

EL CERRITO'S TEPCO CERAMIC FACTORY A brief History by (Ariel Plotnick/KQED)
I saw my first TEPCO dish at the Alameda Antiques Fair. A stack of floral patterned plates sat on a table, waiting to be bought. The pink glaze glistened in the sun. I immediately fell in love...

If your local organization would like a speaker on these or related topics, the El Cerrito Historical Society has a speakers panel available. Click Here to request more details.

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